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Dr. Sacristan San-Felipe, Jesus

Expert en Litiasis, Litotrícia, Uretroscòpia i Lasertricia

No. registered: 080809553

Degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Barcelona, specialist in Urology, from the University of Barcelona. Specialist in tumor pathology, prostatic hypertrophy and lithiasis. Non-numerary professor of urology at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Specialist urologist in the lithiasis unit, lithotripsy, ureteroscopy and lasertripsy. Head of urology service at the Sacred Heart University Hospital. Membre de la societat Catalana, espanyola d'Urologia i la internacional d'urologia. Long experience in publications, communications, in national or international congresses of Urology.

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Renoprostatic ultrasound

What is urology?

Urology is the medical and surgical specialty that deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies that affect the urinary system of both sexes andmale reproductive system.

In what areas is it divided?

Female urology (or urogynecology)
Oncological urology
Pediatric urology

What do we offer?

Amedics offers its patients a control i Tracking of the different urological pathologies, such as:

Prostate adenoma
Recurring urinary infections
Urinary incontinence
Prostate cancer
Renal control
Surgical control
Bladder probes
PSA control and prostate cancer
Kidney or bladder cancer

Plus, our specialists have one extensive experience in the performance ofcomplementary studies, like now:

Ultrasound studies

We also offer personalized advice for treatments of:

Erectile dysfunction
premature ejaculation
Need and usefulness of PSA
Need for laser in prostate adenoma
Need for robot in surgery

Frequently asked questions

Can the bike seat cause infertility?
It is true that spending many hours and for an extended period of time on the bike seat can cause arterial problems in the penis.

However, the normal population does not tend to spend very long periods there, and therefore the practice of cycling does not pose any danger in this respect.

What is PSA?
PSA is an enzyme produced almost exclusively in the prostate and whose function is to liquefy the semen clot.
What is a transrectal biopsy?
It is a diagnostic method used by urologists to obtain prostate tissue and perform a pathological analysis when there is a clinical suspicion of prostate cancer. The tissue is obtained by inserting a special needle through the rectum, from where the prostate is punctured.
What is circumcision?
Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, or the skin that covers the glans.

This procedure is indicated in the following cases: when there is difficulty in cleaning the penis daily, when repeated infections occur in the glans area (balanitis or balanoposthitis) or when there is a progressive narrowing of the distal portion of the foreskin that prevents its retraction.

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