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Currently, visits to the Pain Unit can only be booked through our patient helpline:

(+34) 934 553 500 or for whatsapp to the number (+34) 680 486 895


It is made up of a team of anesthesiologists:

Dr. Folch Ibañez, Jordi

Dr. Guitar Vela, Jordi

A 90% of chronic pain that lasts more than three months no longer fulfills an alert function, it must be made to disappear or at least be tolerable for the patient. 

The degree and characteristics of pain vary from person to person, so treatment design must be tailored to each individual's specific circumstances.

Our pain clinic consists of a team of professionals specialized in making you recover your physical and emotional state, your life before, the one you enjoyed without pain.

What is the Pain Unit?

They are sensory and/or motor affections of a nerve root originating in the spine. The cause is variable and the treatment is based on drugs, nerve blocks and radiofrequency rhizolysis.

-Pain osteo-articular (Spondyloarthrosis, osteoarthritis of the hip, shoulder, knee, hands and feet)
-Syndrome complex regional dystrophy Sympathetic Reflexa (Suddeck syndrome)
-Chronic pain post amputation (Phantom limb pain)
-Syndrome offailed back (painful operated backs)
-Others neuropathic pains (pain due to nerve involvement)
-Pain oncological (pain in cancer disease)
Radiculopathies (pains of origin in nerve roots)
Narrow lumbar canal (canal stenosis)
Chronic cervical, dorsal and lumbar pain
-Syndromes painful skull and face
-Chronic pain post-surgical
Lumbar canal stenosis -Postherpetic neuralgia –fibromyalgia
- Neuralgia of trigeminal       osteoporosis
Headaches tense –Vertebral Fractures
-Pain acute i chronic                     

Myofascial Pain

-Hernia disk                


Treatments at our center

(With image control: Ultrasound or Radiology)

Pharmacological treatment

They can be administered by: 

Oral route 

road parenteral (in acute pain or requiring faster action)

topically (Capsaicin, anti-inflammatories...)

Blockages peripheral nerves eco-guided

Epidural or epidural infiltrations with steroids

Infiltrations due to lumbar, dorsal and cervical facet syndromes

Serum therapy. Intravenous drug infusion for fibromyalgia and other chronic pain

Rhizolysis of dorsal cervical and lumbar nerve roots

Radiofrequency of peripheral nerves

Echo-guided inter-fascial and muscular infiltration

- Analgesics / anti-inflammatory / local anesthetics

- Hyaluronic acid


-Growth factors

        -Stem cells


Joint infiltrations: knee, shoulder, hip and small joints

Infiltrations with botulinum toxin

Sympathetic blocks rregional for vascular problems or dystrophies

Regenerative medicine (Growth factors, Stem cells)

PRP  (Plasma rich in Platelets): Growth Factors

cells mesenchymal mother

infiltration of Painful Points or Trigger points

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