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Dr. Encina Ruiz, Luis

Expert en micro cirurgia de laringe i otològica, cirurgia / làser oncològica de cap i coll i cirurgia endoscòpica nasosinusal

No. registered: 080814395

Degree in medicine and surgery from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, specialized in Otorhinolaryngology from the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona (Hospital Clínic de Barcelona). Co-founding member of Service C de Orl associados, current head of the ear service at the Sagrad Cor hospital where all the techniques of the specialty are practiced, being particularly specialized in: - radiofrequency of tonsils, adenoids and turbinates - microcirurgia de laringe i otològica - cirurgia endoscòpica nasosinusal - cirurgia oncològica de cap i coll - cirurgia LASER aplicada bàsicament en oncologia i otologia Idiomes: Català, castellà i anglès

Dr. Hamdan Zavarce, Miriam

Experta en Cirurgia de Laringe i Faringe Laparoscòpica

No. registered: 080850364

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Central University of Venezuela, specialist in Otorhinolaryngology from the University of Vigo. Professional experience: specialist at Bellvitge University Hospital and Quiron Hospital Barcelona. Previously at Hospital Quirón Valencia, Hospital Universitat de Pontevedra among others. Lecturer in the course of Audiology and Speech Therapy in Vigo, year 2013. Collaborator Teaching in the area of Otorhinolaryngology Hosp. From Vigo. Attendant at several national and international Congresses such as SEORL PCF Oviedo National Congress, 1st Congress of CE-ORL-HNS. Barcelona, Congress Cochlear Implants at Hospital Xeral - Cies.

Dr. Melgarejo, Pablo

Expert en estudi de l'oïda interna i Proves vestibulars

No. registered: 2502815


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