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What is nursing?

Nursing belongs to the health sciences and the university degree of the person who is dedicated to the care of individuals, the family and the community in all stages of the life of the human being. Nursing interventions are based on scientific, humanistic and ethical principles, based on respect for life and human dignity.

Using for this the appropriate clinical and technological means and resources, with a view to detecting the needs, imbalances and alterations of the human being, referring to the prevention of the disease, the recovery of health and its rehabilitation, social reintegration and/or help a dignified death.

What is the role of the nurse?

The nurse is the person who initially detects health problems, both acute and chronic, and gives guidance to the general practitioner or indicates to the patient the means available to regain health, psycho-social or improve it.

Specific functions

Identify and assess health needs
Administration of treatments and medications prescribed by medical professionals, prior written authorization
Practice diagnostic tests
Provide healthcare coverage in emergencies and health incidents that occur
He will provide advice on health issues
Research function
Managerial function
Accompanying function

What do we offer?

A personalized service to evaluate the patient, offering him support, health advice and practicing the technique he needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is the normal value of blood pressure in an adult?
The maximum or systolic BP cannot exceed 140, but it cannot drop below 100 either.
And the minimum or diastole cannot exceed 90, but it cannot fall below 70 either.
What is a healthy diet?
If there is no underlying illness that prevents you from eating any product, we should eat everything and especially seasonal produce. For example 5 fruits and vegetables a day, legumes 2 days a week, 2 or 3 eggs a week, dairy products every day, 2 days of blue fish a week, olive oil, especially for cooking, dried fruit every day, red meat one day a week and the rest white meat and white fish.
To do an analysis is it convenient to come fasting?
It is better that he comes fasting, because there is little evidence that there is no fasting.
Can a child be vaccinated if they have a cold?

No, it is better that he recovers and vaccinates him, delaying the day of vaccination is not very important.