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Dr. Ballesta Alcaraz, Juan

Expert en cirurgia plàstica y reparadora

Núm. col·legiat: 080814357

Llicenciat en Medicina i Cirurgia per la Universitat de Barcelona, Hospital Clínic Especialitzat en Cirurgia Plàstica Reparadora i Estètica. Hospital Clínic. Doctor en medicina i Cirurgia per la Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Excel·lent. Màster en Valoració del Mal corporal i peritatge Mèdic. Universitat de Barcelona. Hospital Clínic. Diplomatura en Medicina Pericial i Avaluadora. Membre Numerari de ISAPS ; International Society Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Membre Numerari de SECPRE; Societat Espanyola de Cirurgia Plàstica Reparadora i Estètica. Membre Numerari de SCCPRE, Societat Catalana de Cirurgia Plàstica Reparadora i Estètica

Dr. Same Blanes, Jaime

Expert en Proctologia

No. registered: 080817686

Degree in Medicine and Surgery at the UB (H. Clínic of BCN) Specialist in General Surgery and Digestive Surgery (at the H. Clínic BCN) Continued training through attendance and participation in courses, meetings and congresses specific to the specialty. Contingent surgeon at the ICS since 1980. Surgeon at the Social Institute of the Navy. MAU in H. Gral. Granollers Collaborator with different Free Insurance entities

What is general surgery?

General surgery is the surgical medical specialty that performs the operations of thedigestive system.

What do we deal with?

In consultation

  • Diagnostic visit
  • Presurgical treatment
  • Follow-up and post-surgical treatment

In the operating room

  • Abdominal surgery
    • Intestinal
    • Columbus
    • Vesicle
    • hiatal hernia
  • Endocrine surgery
    • thyroid
    • parathyroid
  • Proctological surgery
    • hemorrhoids
    • Anal fissure
    • fistulas
  • Abdominal wall surgery
    • Umbilical hernia
    • Inguinal hernia
  • Ambulatory surgery
    • Abscesses
    • Dermal tumors
    • Superficial tumors
    • Ingrown toenail

How do we deal?

Our specialists have a wide experience surgery in reference centers. They use the technique of the laparoscopy, which offers the same guarantees of radicality as open surgery and, instead, a faster recovery for the patient.

Personalized consultation visit

Surgery in reference centers

Who do we treat?

The Amedics team of surgeons looks after the patient's well-being from adolescence until the old age, since at any of these stages of life pathologies may arise that require surgical intervention.

Personalized visit

Surgery in reference clinics

Post-surgical treatment

Minimally invasive surgery

Frequently asked questions

Is there an age when surgery is prohibited?
No, it is always possible to operate if the patient passes the pre-operative tests.
Can hernias reappear after surgery?
The recurrence of a hernia depends on many factors: the consistency of the patient's tissues used for reconstruction, the surgical technique used, etc. Currently, with the use of prostheses made of resorbable synthetic materials, fewer than 1% are reproduced.
What are the causes of rectal bleeding?
The most common cause of bleeding from the anus is hemorrhoids, but it can also originate from fissures, rectitis and, in the most serious cases, polyps and/or tumors of the rectum and colon.
Is it necessary to operate when stones are detected in the gallbladder?
In general, when the existence of stones in the gallbladder is diagnosed, it is necessary to operate since, apart from the discomfort they cause, complications such as cholecystitis, pancreatitis, biliary colic, etc. can occur.
What kind of operations are performed on the thyroid gland?
When an operation is performed on the thyroid, it is always to remove it in whole or in part. The most frequent operations are the removal of one of the lobes and the isthmus (left or right hemithyroidectomy), of the entire gland (total thyroidectomy) or, on very rare occasions, almost all of it (subtotal thyroidectomy)

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