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Dip. Pressegue Jorba, Carles

Expert en Endodòncia i Implantologia

No. member: 7224

Diploma in Dentistry from the UIC (International University of Catalonia). Specialist in endodontics, studying the European Master in Endodontics at the UIC. Member of the Scientific Society of Com SEPES (Spanish Society of Stomatological and Aesthetic Prosthetics), ESE (European Society of Endodontics) and AEDE (Spanish Society of Endodontics). Carrying out Presentations and Communications at both National and International Congresses and undertaking Scientific and Research Projects. Director of Installation and Radiodiagnosis for the Nuclear Safety Council.

What is dentistry?

Dentistry is the medical specialty that is dedicated to the study of teeth and the gums and the treatment of their problems.

This discipline deals with everything that has to do with the stomatognathic system.

The tooth

There are two large dental groups: the anterior group, formed by the teeth incisors and the canines, and the posterior group, composed of the teeth premolars and the molars.


The incisors allow cut down the food.
Canine teeth help to to cut.
The premolar teeth are responsible for the shredding, for example.

What do we deal with?

Dentistry deals with the prevention, the diagnosis and the treatment of the diseases that affect any part of the mandibular structure:

Temporomandibular joint
The entire muscular and nervous system


To recover the health and beauty of the mouth
To be able to eat again

Dental alignment
Invisible orthodontics (invisalign)

endodontics (behavior treatment)

Prevention and treatment of caries

Improved gum health
Removal of bacteria and dental plaque
Reduction of gingivitis

Children's dental treatment

Prosthodontics (dental prostheses):
Functional rehabilitation of mastication

Oral or maxillofacial surgery

Oral rehabilitation

Preventive dentistry

Oral aesthetics:
Teeth whitening

Oral radiology

Frequently asked questions

Is there a key to achieving "the perfect smile"?
With the existing advances in the field of dentistry, whether through oral surgery, orthodontics, whitening, dentures or implants, we can have the smile we want.
At what age should we start going to the dentist?
It is normal for children to start going to the dentist at the age of two to teach them how to brush their teeth, give them a check-up and start fluoride treatments.
When should children start brushing their teeth?
The ideal thing, in principle, is for parents to clean the child's mouth every day with gauze during the first months. With the appearance of the first teeth, parents should brush very carefully with a soft brush without using toothpaste.

From the age of three, children should start brushing their teeth on their own with a little toothpaste, always with parental supervision, and continue until they are eight or ten, at which point the responsibility will pass to be exclusively the child's.

My mouth smells bad. Because?
Bad breath (halitosis) has gastrointestinal and oral causes. Oral causes can be diverse, including the accumulation of bacterial or rough plaque caused by faulty brushing technique and the presence of multiple pieces or decayed teeth.
I have dark teeth. Can you clarify?
Depending on the origin and the causes of the change in the color of the teeth, it is possible to whiten them using specific techniques that are highly effective and absolutely painless.

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