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What do clinical analyzes consist of?

Located on the easily accessible ground floor, the clinical analyzes offer a comprehensive service in the clinical area, working in different areas, such as hematology, biochemistry, immunology, molecular genetics or tumor markers, among others.

With the aim of providing information that allows specialists to establish a diagnosis, monitor or act to prevent a disease, this Diagnostic Service unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies through the acquisition of automatic analytical equipment and the implementation of the latest management software models to unify and standardize processes.

Likewise, the clinical analyzes comply with international quality standards, achieving maximum reliability and accuracy in the results.


We also offer the most advanced tests in the prevention of hereditary diseases and of high reliability

Food intolerance test:
It is a study of hypersensitivity to 218 foods of the Mediterranean diet.

Non-invasive prenatal test
Non-invasive screening of T21, T18 T13 is studied

Thrombosis test:
It studies the genetic profile of susceptibility to thromboembolic disease

Non-hereditary and hereditary gastrointestinal cancer test:
Molecular study of 16 gastrointestinal cancer genes.

Preconception genetic test

Genetic test for the study of carriers of monogenic diseases

Hereditary gynecological cancer test:
It is the molecular study of BRCA 1 and BCRA2, but of 16 genes related to gynecological cancer

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