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Pressotherapy is a new specialty of the medical center and can currently only be booked through our patient care phone (+34) 934 553 500 or by WhatsApp (+34) 680 486 895.

The treatment schedule is:

Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm

Alternate Saturday mornings (check availability)

Rates and Packages

Amedics medical center provides sessions at the best price for all patients.

30 minute session: €20

Session 60 minutes: €35

Package of 4 one-hour sessions: €120

What is pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a therapeutic treatment between health and beauty ideal for solving problems of both kinds.

Theirs benefits are:

Lymphatic drainage

Improves circulation

Reduces cellulite

It eases the pain

Reduces stress and anxiety

What is aesthetics?

Aesthetics is a humanistic discipline, until recently considered a branch of Philosophy, which studies beauty ... and ugliness or, in a more modern definition, aesthetic experience and aesthetic values. In the oldest human societies, the search for beauty has always been a constant. However, this search for aesthetic values, even in the most everyday forms of human work, was not limited to manufactured objects, utensils, but to our body

For the human being, beauty is as he understands the Not ugliness.

What function does Aesthetics have?

Currently, the function of aesthetics is the search for natural beauty, to achieve a body image that we accept, with which we can live and feel satisfied and achieve personal acceptance.

At the amedics center we perform:

  • Physical exercises
  • dietetics
  • Pressotherapy
  • Capillary mesotherapy
  • Cosmetic surgery (peelings, skin tightening, enlargement or reduction of body parts)
  • Cosmetics for skin care
    Massages and
  • Skin, hair and nail treatments
    Walking and modeling techniques
  • Oral-facial dentistry

What do we offer?

In our center we can offer:

Pressotherapy or lymphatic drainage

Ear lobe repair

Oral-facial dentistry