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Dip. Martinez, Daniel

Expert en Podologia y formació en pediatría

No. registered: 838082080

Graduat en Podologia a la Universitat de Barcelona Idiomes: Català, Castellà i anglès.

Dip. Sorry, Yasmina

Experta en podologia

No. registered: 838082147

Degree in podiatry from the University of A Coruña (Ferrol). Experience managing patients: - Physical examination techniques - Issue of diagnosis, prognosis and clinical report - Orthopedic treatments. - Chiro-podological treatments - Application of physical therapy - Examination and treatment of the diabetic foot - Nail surgery

What is podiatry?

It is the science of health that aims to study diseases and alterations affecting the foot.

It includes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and deformities of the feet, using therapeutic techniques specific to its discipline.

Your podiatrist will diagnose and advise the best treatment for the health of your feet.



  • Removal of calluses (hyperkeratosis)
  • Removal of calluses (helomas)
  • Nail cutting and milling
  • Foot hydration treatment
Custom templates

  • The templates are custom made
  • A personalized biomechanical study is carried out (stride study)
  • We take the casts of his feet

Nail surgery

  • Very simple surgical intervention
  • Totally ambulatory. It is carried out at the same consultation
  • The nail is slightly narrower but looks completely normal

What is a study of stepping (biomechanics)?

It is an exploration of active gait in dynamics and a posture study with baropodometry equipment for statics.

Thus we observe the possible alterations that may have an impact on the skeletal structure of our body.

Sports podiatry

Sports biomechanics provides us with a perception of the mechanisms by which sports accidents and injuries occur and with it we deal with three points:

Prevent the injury.
Return the integrity of the athlete
Improve the performance.

There are many types of templates intended for to correct, to prevent i relieve discomfort and injuries, as well as to compensate for those problems we may have when stepping or walking.

That is why in the face of any discomfort in the feet it is advisable to visit the podiatrist for a comprehensive review, in order to improve our life quality.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I have chiropody?
Once a month is recommended, although it depends on many factors, such as the type of calluses you have.
What care should the diabetic patient take?
Diabetic patients should also visit the podiatrist once a month to avoid complications.
When do I need templates?
An unequivocal sign is the formation of calluses, hardness and discomfort at the points of greatest friction.
Why do nails bite?
Inadequate nail cutting is usually the most common cause, also tight shoes can nail it among other causes.
What is dermatomycosis?
It is a fungal infection, between the fingers or on the soles of the feet.
What type of anesthesia is used in nail surgery?
We only anesthetize the affected area, which makes post-surgical recovery immediate and minimizes problems for the patient.
What is an onychocryptosis?
It means "nail driven". It is important to find the cause. This can be intrinsic or due to external causes.
Why does the skin harden?
The skin hardens and becomes thicker due to excess pressure and friction from the foot.
How much do some plates cost?

The price of the templates is €170 and can be made in two payments. On the first day, when the podiatrist carries out the template, the first part of the payment is paid (50 % of the total). 

On the day of collection, the remaining part of the payment is made and the template is delivered.