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Fractional CO2 laser

Laser CO2 Fractionated 

C laser treatment is a safe fractional laser treatment and its function is to replace the photo-damaged and aged tissue of the skin through the photothermolysis

The treatment restores vitality and elasticity to tired skin that has lost its luminosity over time. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is recommended by a specialist dermatologist who will conduct a skin type study for the treatment.

CO laser indications2 fractional

-Scars caused by trauma or surgery

-Aging of the face, neck, décolleté or hands caused by the sun

-Acne scars

-Rejuvenation of the skin

-Eliminates or reduces deep and fine wrinkles

-Hyperpigmentation and melasma

In addition, the CO₂ laser allows the removal of small, annoying skin lesions aesthetic character how:

– Spots or “lunar” freckles


- Seborrheic keratoses

-Sebaceous hyperplasias

- Xanthelasma

-Sebaceous cysts

-Stains produced by the sun


Advantages of the fractional Co2 laser 

-Can be used on all skin types

– It is a non-invasive treatment and its recovery is short

-Rejuvenation of the skin 

-Short sessions, approximately 30 minutes.

- Disappearance of scars and spots


Fractional CO2 laser FAQs

The fractional CO₂ laser restores firmness to the skin and gives a more uniform, luminous and smooth tone immediately. In addition, it reduces the risks and possible complications of a surgery.

How do I book an appointment for the Co2 laser?

To make an appointment, it is necessary to make a consultation with the specialist dermatologist. The doctor will be responsible for assessing the skin type and recommending the most appropriate treatment based on the characteristics of each patient.

Does CO2 laser treatment hurt?

For the CO2 laser sessions, copious amounts of topical anesthesia and cold air are used in the area to be treated so that the patient is well and pain-free during the session.

What are the side effects?

After a laser session, it is normal for the patient to notice redness and a burning sensation on the skin. This can last up to five days and means that the skin is regenerating. 

A regenerating cream and sun protection is applied at the end of each session. 


When do you start seeing the results?

The results depend a lot on the type of skin, patient and treatment and it is the doctor who specializes in dermatology. Fractional CO₂ laser sessions are usually performed monthly.

Are there contraindications to laser treatment?

Contraindications will be assessed by the specialist doctor before the session, during the evaluation visit. 

The laser is not recommended for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients who have suffered from skin cancer, herpes or skin diseases. 

There are medications contraindicated in the treatment such as the use of roaccutane (medication prescribed by an acne specialist) or corticosteroid medications, among others. 

The dermatologist will be in charge of prescribing 



What is aesthetics?

Aesthetics is a humanistic discipline, until recently considered a branch of Philosophy, which studies beauty ... and ugliness or, in a more modern definition, aesthetic experience and aesthetic values. In the oldest human societies, the search for beauty has always been a constant. However, this search for aesthetic values, even in the most everyday forms of human work, was not limited to manufactured objects, utensils, but to our body

For the human being, beauty is as he understands the Not ugliness.

What function does Aesthetics have?

Currently, the function of aesthetics is the search for natural beauty, to achieve a body image that we accept, with which we can live and feel satisfied and achieve personal acceptance.

At the amedics center we perform:

  • Physical exercises
  • dietetics
  • Pressotherapy
  • Capillary mesotherapy
  • Cosmetic surgery (peelings, skin tightening, enlargement or reduction of body parts)
  • Cosmetics for skin care
    Massages and
  • Skin, hair and nail treatments
    Walking and modeling techniques
  • Oral-facial dentistry

What do we offer?

In our center we can offer:

Pressotherapy or lymphatic drainage

CO2 laser

Bemer therapy

Ear lobe repair

Oral-facial dentistry