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Dr. Santiña Vila, Manel

Expert en Teràpies Naturals i Teràpia Neural

No. registered: 080821797

Degree and Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Accredited by the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona in Acupuncture and Homeopathy. Master in Neural Therapy and Neurofocal Dentistry. More than 10 years in Complementary and Alternative Medicine consultation. He has participated in several forums and conferences on complementary and alternative medicine and has been invited to the media to speak about them.

What is complementary medicine?

Natural medicine, biological medicine, integrative medicine, holistic medicine are ways of designating a type of medicine that considers that the health of the person is the result of the harmony between body, mind i soul.

From this perspective, complementary medicine treats health problems using various types of remedies and always keeping in mind the importance of following healthy habits, such as a proper diet.

Therapies we deal with

Our center offers personalized sessions with the most suitable treatment for your pathology.

Natural therapies
Complementary family medicine
Neural therapy


Natural therapies

Complementary family medicine

Neural Therapy

Frequently asked questions

Does complementary medicine serve to prevent or to cure?
Complementary or alternative medicine aims to try to restore people's health as far as possible, combining with each other and providing advice on healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
Can I use complementary medicine as disease prevention?
Complementary medicines also aim to help prevent the onset of diseases and ailments.
What is complementary medicine?
It treats the most common health problems in our society: obesity, nervousness, anxiety, pain of any kind, chronic organic dysfunctions, smoking...
Do acupuncture needles hurt?
No, the needles are so fine that the prick is usually not painful, although it is obviously a little noticeable because the patient is not asleep. In any case, whether the sensation is more or less intense depends on the sensitivity of each person.
How long does homeopathic treatment last?
We can say that the duration of homeopathic treatment will depend on the type of case presented. In an acute condition, health will be restored in a few hours or days. However, if it is a chronic problem, it will take longer.